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Message from Chairman

Mamoru Taniya"Reinvigorate a new Japan with Asia through investment"
"Contribute toward advancement of individual lifestyles through investment"

These are the mottos of Asuka Asset Management.

Modern society has cannibalized future demand due to substantial progress of modern financial capitalism. As a result, we have excess capacity in an environment with chronic lack of sufficient demand. Because of vast sums of liquidity moving at lightning speeds, it is causing the system to realize statistically rare events in increasingly common frequencies.

Within this environment, Asuka adopts a philosophy of generating new long term demand through investment while consistently avoiding event risks that have become more commonplace.

Not only do we invest in corporations that are meeting the rapid demand in emerging markets particularly in Asia, but more importantly, we aggressively invest in strong and talented management teams and entrepreneurs. We encourage the expression of individuality and expansion of one's strengths in reaching their goals and hope to support the creation of unique businesses that will stimulate new demand.

Similarly, we at Asuka focus on cultivating individual growth of our employees by encouraging all of our team members to maximize their own potential in order to provide the best returns for our clients and to deepen the partnership between our firm and our clients. We would ultimately like to help our clients continue to grow and offer greater opportunities to fulfill their life goals free of concern for the future.

As such, we hope to assist everybody around Asuka to maximize their lives by promoting individualism and progress.

By focusing investments based upon this philosophy, we hope to invigorate the Japanese and Asian economy together with our clients. We believe our purpose is to support Japan regain its competitiveness while contributing to further Asia's growth.

Thank you very much for your continued support of our company.

Mamoru Taniya

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