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Corporate History

Asuka Asset Management was established as an independent investment advisory company based in Japan that offers global investment businesses. Asuka was formerly the Japanese subsidiary of Tudor Investment Corporation, a major American hedge fund. It changed the name to Asuka Asset Management in July 2002 as a result of a management buyout.

February 1999 Founded Tudor Capital Japan Limited
July 2002 Founded Asuka Asset Management Limited
October 2004 Founded Monex Alternative Investments, Inc
March 2005 Founded Asuka Corporate Advisory Co., Ltd.
October 2005
  • Founded Asuka DBJ Partners
  • Founded Mitsui & Co. Asuka Investments Ltd.
December 2008 Changed corporate name of Mitsui & Co. Asuka Investments Ltd to Asuka Commodity Investments Co., Ltd.
November 2009 Shifted to Japanese corporation and changed corporate name from Asuka Asset Management Limited to Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.
February 2011 Asuka Commodity Investments Ltd. was absorbed into Monex Alternative Investments, Inc.
July 2014 Formed a Strategic Partnership and Cross Ownership with StormHarbour
July 2018 Dissolved Strategic Partnership and Cross Ownership with StormHarbour

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