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Asuka Corporate Advisory Co., Ltd.
Asuka Corporate Advisory was established in March 2005. Asuka Corporate Advisory started to support the enhancement of corporate value of investee companies of the "Asuka Value Up Strategy". In March 2009, the firm registered as Investment Advisory Business with the Financial Services Agency of Japan. They continue to seek potential investee, and research and advise to enhance corporate values.
Asuka Value Up Fund
Eastpoint Asset Management Ltd.
Eastpoint Asset Management was founded in 2012 and is based in Bermuda.
Eastpoint Asset Management is an asset management company which specializes in ILS investments.
Japanese members with extensive experience in ILS investments lead the team involved in the operation of the "Asuka Insurance Linked Opportunities Strategy".
The firm offers a strategy which focuses on transactions related to natural disaster risks, seeking a low correlation to conventional financial instruments and consistent risk-adjusted returns.
Eastpoint Asset Management

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